Apr 16 & Apr 19, 2018

A1 students and selected contemporary dance students are invited to experience one of the most incredible workshops by IRATXE + IGOR.

Internationally renowned choreographer, dancer and teacher Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich originally from Spain and Italy, developed their own dancing method called “Metamorphosis Method” and are founders and organisers of “Metamorphosis International Residency”.  It is an intensive contemporary dance course and choreographic residency, focused on generating a process of exploration in movement and choreography.  It utilizes the “Metamorphosis Method”, built from the artistic experience of Ansa and Bacovich, and supported by impeccable international careers.  www.newbluedance.com/metamorphosis-international-residency.

For more details on Iratxe + Igor visit www.iratxeansa.com


Parents are welcomed to join the Stars of Dancing Soma Sponsoring Committee to raise funds for the annual SDS performance.  Invite friends and family to place advertisements on our recital program.  Information will be available at front desk if you are interested.

Volunteers with backstage experience, makeup artists, copywriting and professional graphic creation skills are needed.  Interested parents and friends can contact Pancy via email pancypong@rogers.com.