Congratulations to Dancing Soma Competitive Team

This is a fruitful year for all the team girls. We are a very small team family, but we are all unique and awesome. Looking forward to seeing you all in the next season with more brilliant performances.

Our 2017-18 Competitive Teams

Senior Team: Sabrina, Michelle, Florence, Emily, Angela, Jennifer, Vivian, Reanne, Desiree, Janice, Ashely, Macy, Emma & Eyota

Junior Team: Ava, Chloe Z, Alina, Natalie, Audrey, Charlene, Chloe T & Karis

Mini Team: Angeline, Mingmay, Zoe, Vianne, Chloe L, Julia, Sara & Mackenize

YAGP & RAD Dance Challenge Ballet Team: Angela, Ashley, Jessika, Jennifer, Ainsley, Ava, Jeannie, Kelly, Kaitlyn & Macy

1st Competition – Breakthru Dance Challenge

Senior Team – Platinum

Junior Team – Platinum

Small group Duet, Trio or quartet – 2 Emerald and 2 Platinum

7 solos – 5 Emerald & 2 Platinum

3 special Awards


1 Highest Overall Novice Senior Solo by Sabrina Juan

1 Highest Overall Novice Junior Solo 2nd Place by Ashley Feng

1 Highest Overall Minor Junior Trio by Ashley Feng, Ava Lim and Eyota Cheng

1 Highest Overall Novice Ballet – Rita Zhou

Cash Award – $75 Markham Studio Award

2nd Competition – Northern Stars Dance Competition

Senior Team – Diamond

Junior Team – Diamond

Mini Team – Diamond

Duet / Trio and Quartet – Emerald, 1 Diamond and 2 Star Diamonds

7 solos – 1 Emerald and 5 Diamonds and 1 Star Diamond


2nd place – Trio by Ashley Feng, Ava Lim and Eyota Cheng

2nd Place Novice small group – Junior Team

4th Place Competitive Group 13 & above – Senior Team

1st Place Competitive Group 13 & above – To This Day by Angela Lee, Emma Ko, Reanne Ly and Vivian Ko

$50 Scholarship to Cadence Dance Finals

Cash Award – $150

3rd Competition – Kick it Up Dance Challenge

Senior Team – Platinum

Junior Team – Platinum

Sabrina special award

2 groups of Quartet – Platinum and Ultimate Platinum


Top solo 1st – Sabrina Juna

Top solo 3rd – Ashley Feng and Chloe Tse

Top duet 2nd – Charlene Sz and Karis Cheung

Top Finalist – 4th Desiree Wong

Top Finalist – 5th Emma Ko

4rd Competition – Hit the Floor

Senior Team – 1st Place

Junior Team – 2nd Place

Duet and Trio – 2nd and 1st Place

2 groups of Quartet – 2nd and 1st Place

6 solos – 2 solos for 2nd place and 4 solo for 1st Place

“To this Day” – Top 8 picked for Final Showcase and won the free Group Private Master Class at New York Broadway Dance Center


Storm – Ashley Feng 2nd Place

Stinging Nettle – Angela Lee 1st Place

Youth America Grand Prix 2018 Toronto ( International Ballet Solo Competition)

Pre-Competitive Age Division – Top 12 Classical Ashley Feng (Intermediate)

RAD Dance Challenge 2018 – Toronto Canada (Ballet solo Competition)

Group A – 1st place Jessika Mak (Grade 5)

Group B – 2nd Place Macy Yeung (Intermediate)

Group C – 1st place Angela Lee (Advance 1)

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