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Due at Registration

In order for your registration to be completed, and to be guaranteed a spot in the class(es) you have chosen, we require the following:

1. Completed registration Form

2. Cash (for the whole year or cash for the first month, then 3 posted cheques for the following 3 terms) and the posted cheques can be exchange for cash before the cheque date.

  • 1st Term : 4th Sept 2018 – Nov 2018 –  Cheque dated  July 1, 2018. (For Early-bird registration)
  • 2nd Term : Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 – Cheque dated Dec 1 , 2018
  • 3rd Term: Mar 2019 – May 2019 – Cheque dated  Mar 1, 2019
  • 4th Term : June 2019 – mid of July 2019 – Cheque dated Jun 1, 2019 ( Half price from full term fees)

If you registered on or before Jun 24, 2018, a registration fee $25 will be waived.  (If you take the early bird registration, then withdraw by giving  4 weeks notice,  a $25 penalty will still apply.

Sibling Discount:
In families with 2 Siblings, a discount of 10% will be applied to the lower tuition fee.
In families with 3 or more siblings: 10% off the lowest tuition fee and 5% off for the second lowest tuition fee, and regular fee for all others.

Terms fees are non-refundable after every 3rd week of each term.  But we would full-refund the post-dated cheque with the rest of the term which haven’t started by official letter at least 4 weeks notice.  If the term haven’t started but with less than 4 weeks official letter notice, $30 non-refundable admin fees will be charged.   (If you take the early bird registration, then withdraw by giving 4 weeks notice, a $25 penalty will still apply.) 

Dancing Soma reserves the right to alter the advertisement and to re-schedule programmes as necessary.  And classes will be cancelled according to the announcement of York Region District School Board (eg. Snow storm) or school events (eg. Photo Days, Exam, Rehearsal, etc.) without any make-up classes.      

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