Classical Ballet

Royal Academy of Dance

“The RAD is one of the world’s most influential dance education organizations. We exams set standards in classical ballet and we are a global leader in Continuing Professional Development for dance.”

Creative Ballet is a 30/60 mins program that is offered to children aged 3.5-4.5 yrs old, allowing them to familiarize themselves with moving to music.

Pre-School Level 1 & Level 2 – ‘Dance to Your Own Tune’ Demonstration Class is the Royal Academy of Dance’s curriculum for children aged 2½ to 5 years offered by Royal Academy of Dancing Examinations Board.

The Graded syllabus (Pre-Primary, Primary in Dance, Grade 1 – 5) provides a broad practical dance education and develops technical, musical and performance skills (age 5+)

Vocational Graded Examinations (Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2) provide an in-depth study of ballet and prepare students for a career in dance (age 11+). Note: Graded and Vocational Graded programmes can be taken at the same time according to teacher’s recommendations.

Discovering Repertoire is a classical ballet performance programme, an innovative new concept in training and assessment from the RAD. Uniquely, the programme includes well-known classical repertoire, meaning students will learn and dance choreography that they have seen on stage, set to music that they know and love.

Suitable for students from age 12 through to adult, the three levels cater for beginners, those with some prior ballet experience, as well as the more advanced dancer.

RAD classes are designed to stimulate the young children’s natural desire to dance. Carefully planned curriculum is presented in a fun, entertaining way that enhances coordination, musicality, and creative ability.

Dancing Soma provides a friendly, nurturing atmosphere where each child’s creative talent is exposed and incorporated into the art of classical ballet. Dancing Soma’s students are eager to learn and take pride in their accomplishments. Whether a student wishes to work toward a career in dance, or enjoys dancing as an extra-curricular activity, the young dancer’s changing body becomes a finely tuned instrument which deserves only the finest and most proper instruction. Only a truly experiences, professional teacher can guide a young dancer through the gradual and careful process of their training.

Our faculty concentrates on developing long lean lines, a strong technical foundation, freedom of movement, and the execution of movements with style and grace. We welcome enthusiastic students who enjoy the benefits from the traditions of a fine training in a nurturing environment.

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For kinder, Junior and Senior Levels (aged form 7 +)

Contemporary Dance is a modern form of dance that incorporates steps from classical ballet and jazz. This umbrella term is used to classify a number of dance styles and methods; as a result it gives chorographers and dancers a wide range of styles to pull from.

Contemporary dances are classified by powerful and emotionally charged moves that convey a deeper message than words alone ever could. The main premise behind contemporary dance is expression, personality and emotion. This form of dance shows more focus on the individual dancer than other routines

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Pre- Professional Classical Training

Pre- Professional Classical Training is aimed to developing the foundation of physical alignment, technique and elegance.

Classes are divided by level based on age and teacher recommendations. Proper training and alignment for a dancer cannot be achieved in only attending one or two classes per week.  Dancers are focused and précised in the positions of the body, the port de bras, use of head, coordination, musicality, strength and flexibility.

Dancers in all divisions are introduced to Pointe work, Character Dance, Variations, Contemporary and Dance Theory.  Dancers begin to develop body awareness and show the ability to express character and artistic maturity.

Note: In- class assessment or audition required before summer term end or in September for Dancing Soma students.

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Competitive Team (Part-time or Full-time)

Contemporary, Jazz & Lyrical

Dancers who participate in competitive program at Dancing Soma will take a variety of training in areas such as Contemporary, Jazz or Lyrical. This is a serious program that requires hard work and commitment from the participants. We require dancers and parents to be team players and work together towards the success of our entire studio!

The dancers that are in the competitive level will participate in a few competitions over the course of the dance season and will perform in the studio, as well as the company’s year-end shows.

Note: TRYOUTS required in May/ June for Dancing Soma Students from RAD Grade 1 students and above.

Please note that these are Tryouts and not confirmation that your daughter has made the Dancing Soma Competitive Team.  After the tryout the professional teachers will review each dancer’s performance, and a letter will be sent to each family who has been selected for the team.

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Scholarship Class

Selected and awarded students are tuition free in this Scholarship Class Program. It will be offered extra training schedule, including ballet techniques and performance training. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to study Character Dance, Body Conditioning, Contemporary Dance, Choreography, Dance Theory, Movement Analysis and more. These all provide them a preview of being a professional dancer. We encouraged the scholars to participate the Classical Ballet Competition or attend guest workshops,  at the end of the program, they will perform in our Annual Performance. Besides, students may have the opportunity to become our school’s representatives for any other dance exchange program or performance!

Note: In- class assessment or audition required before each term end or in September for Dancing Soma students.

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Adult Programs

Classical Ballet
Learn from the finest teachers to develop grace, elegance and precision. Ballet is the basis of all dance training and improves strength, posture, balance and flexibility.

Drawing on both classical ballet and modern dance, this class explores total body movement, use of breath and weight and changes in rhythm, speed, direction and including jumps and travelling sequences.

A total body workout. Combining barre exercises to strengthen and lengthen the lower body. Lengthen tight muscles, calm your body and mind. No previous dance experience necessary.

NO Registration fees for all Adult Programs
* Dancing Soma reserves the right to alter the advertisement and to reschedule programs as necessary. People of 6 are the minimum number of each class
* Adult Program are paying by monthly, payment must be received before every first class of each month start. We only accepted by Interac e-Transfer for this course. If you paying per term – every three months per term & you will received 5% off form each payment.

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Adult Somatic Movement

Call for Booking
Anyone looking to re-pattern their movement
Anyone wanting to develop body-mind connectivity, dynamic alignment, and movement expression
Anyone dealing with chronic pain, injury or tension and holding patterns
Dancers, Actors, Yogis, or movement practitioners who want to develop their movement palette

Private session fees:
1 to 1: 60 min session: $70

60 min Semi-Private or small session fees:
Group of 2: $40 per person
Group of 3: $35 per person
Group of 4: $30 per person

Monthly movement card get 10% off. (more discount for three months continuous booking) Only offered when a client commits for same session booking slot.

If the Somatics group need to reschedule the slot must be agreed with all group members, the teacher and studio availability. NO REFUND AND NO MAKE UP CLASS for personal absent.
Cancellation policy for private and group: 24hours notice required. If 24 hours not provided client(s) will be CHARGED
NO Registration fees for all Adult Programs

* Dancing Soma reserves the right to alter the advertisement and to reschedule programmes as necessary. People of 6 are the minimum number of each class

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